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Solr stack documentation

Default core

Since 1.1.0 we automatically create a default solr core named default when no cores found.

All environment variables available for Solr configuration can be found at

Creating solr core

You can create new cores via Solr admin UI or create it manually from CLI with additional parameters:

  • Go to Instance > Stack > Search Engine page
  • Copy and execute Access container on your host server to access the container with Solr
  • Copy Create Solr core command (edit to change core name), execute it inside of the container. Response 200 means that the core has been successfully created.



  • New 7.2 version added
  • Patch update: 6.6.3



  • New Solr versions 7.0.1 and 7.1.0 have been added
  • Solr versions updated and freezed: 6.6.2, 6.5.1, 6.4.2, 6.3.0, 5.5.5, 5.4.1
  • We now create a default solr core named default automatically if no cores found
  • Health check timeouts increased to 30 seconds


  • Solr: fixed persistent data paths configuration



Initial release