Connecting Virtual Machine from Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Currently, we don't have a native integration with GCP. But you still can connect your server by following these steps:

  1. Log in to GCP console with your account

  2. Create a new project if you don't have any

  3. Navigate to the project page and click Get started under Try Compute Engine block

  4. Once GCP prepare Compute Engine for your project, create a new virtual machine instance

  5. Set VM instance attributes (list of supported OS) and submit Create button

  6. Navigate to a newly created instance page and find network link. Click on it

  7. We need to add a new firewall rule for container ports

  8. Allow access for ports range 31222-32222

  9. Now it's all set on GCP side. Now connect the server (Servers > Connect > GCP) and follow the instructions

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