Using External Volumes on your Servers

If you want Wodby to use an external storage (mounted volume) instead of a server disk follow these steps:

  1. Create a new volume for your server, e.g. Block Storage for DigitalOcean, EBS for AWS
  2. Mount the volume to /mnt/my-volume. Instructions: for DigitalOcean, for AWS
  3. Connect the server to Wodby if it's not already connected
  4. Stop docker and kubernetes services (systemd):
    systemctl stop kube-apiserver
    systemctl stop kube-controller
    systemctl stop kube-kubelet
    systemctl stop kube-proxy
    systemctl stop kube-scheduler
    systemctl stop docker
  5. Move docker's and Wodby's directories to the mounted volume and symlink them back:
    mv /var/lib/docker /mnt/my-volume
    mv /srv/wodby /mnt/my-volume
    ln -s /mnt/my-volume/docker /var/lib/docker
    ln -s /mnt/my-volume/wodby /srv/wodby
  6. Start services
    systemctl start docker
    systemctl start kube-apiserver
    systemctl start kube-controller
    systemctl start kube-kubelet
    systemctl start kube-proxy
    systemctl start kube-scheduler
  7. That's it, from now on applications' containers and their data will be stored on the mounted volume

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