Continuous Integration and Delivery

There are 2 ways to organize CI/CD workflow with Wodby depending on what stack you're using:

1. Managed Stack


2. Custom Stack


  1. CI tool to perform the build (Jenkins, GitLab CI, Travis CI, CircleCI, etc)
  2. Private docker registry (self-hosted Docker registry, Docker Hub, Quay, GCR, etc)

How it works:

  1. Create custom stack with your docker images
  2. At least one image will have codebase inside of it, this image should be hosted in a private docker registry
  3. In your CI tool you should pull this image and copy your build with codebase
  4. Push the updated image with codebase to a registry
  5. Deploy your new image using one of these methods:
    1. Image has a new tag: update your stack and instance from Wodby dashboard manually
    2. Image has the same tag: request our API method Deploy stacks by image name. Wodby will automatically redeploy all instances that have specified image:tag in their stacks

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