Free Let's Encrypt Certificates

You can enable HTTPS for your custom domains by requesting a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt. Navigate to Cloud hosting Domains and click on Get certificate in the list of domains (not available for * domains). Choose a provider Let's encrypt and submit the form. Before requesting the certificate make sure that your domain already attached to the server where the instance is currently deployed.

Additionally you can enable redirect for all HTTP requests to HTTPS from a domain edit page.


Custom SSL Certificates

It's not currently possible to upload certificates from the dashboard. Please contact us if you need to set up a custom SSL certificate.


Since infrastructure version >= 5.5.3 you can configure HSTS per domain via three provided options:

  • Disable
  • Enable for this domain (default)
  • Enable for this domain and all subdomains

Max age is 31536000 and can't be changed.

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