Applications Logs

Most of the stacks provided by Wodby built in a way so all software running in containers stream their logs to the output of container and handled by Docker and Kubernetes. Logs are not persistent, if you restart a container (e.g. happens when you configure a service and redeploy stack) you will lose it.

There 2 ways to get your applications logs:

1. Dashboard: Logs Streaming

Go to Instance > Logs, choose a service (container) and click Stream. Last N log messages will be fetched, plus all new messages will be shown in real-time.

Log streaming is not available for the following stacks:

  • Drupal stacks 3.x
  • WordPress, all-new 4.x version with log streaming support is coming soon
  • Some old custom stacks (redeploy the stack to make it work)

2. CLI

Go to Instance > Stack > Service and copy Show logs command. Connect to the host server as root and run the command. Adjust the value of tail param to specify how many messages to fetch. For more params see kubectl logs reference.

Some software like JIRA and Cachet store their application logs in files inside of a container

In some cases you can stream application's logs (e.g. watchdog in Drupal stack) to an additional syslog container via contrib modules/libraries like Monolog.

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